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23rd International Artificial Intelligence Conference 10-12 December 2013


AI-2013 is the thirty-third Annual International Conference of the influential and respected British Computer Society’s Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI), which will (again) be held in Peterhouse College, Cambridge, England.

As in previous years, the Conference is aimed at those who wish to update themselves with news and views of recent developments, understand how other groups are applying the technology and exchange ideas with leading international experts in the field. It will continue to be a meeting place for the international artificial intelligence community. The scope of the conference includes the whole range of AI technologies and application areas. Its principal aims are to review recent technical advances in AI technologies and to show how this leading edge technology has been applied to solve business and other problems.

A feature of previous conferences has been what is known as “the technical stream”. This is where the best most recent developments in AI are presented and discussed. This stream covers knowledge based systems, machine learning, verification and validation of AI systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, natural language understanding and data mining. One of the most anticipated lectures to be given will be on neurodynamics and creativity, given by Prof. Murray Shanahan (Imperial College, London).

The conference is where there is a meeting of minds (and sometimes healthy disagreements) about all aspects of AI. We anticipate some headline AI material being published before the end of the year as a result of this conference. Watch this space!

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