Accidental Death: The Bane of Immortality

Accidental Death: The Bane of Immortality

It would seem that, if scientists, researchers, biologists and clinicians are to be believed, we should have found cures for many, if not all, of the things that kills us, in about a century. That’s Alzheimer’s, cancers, degenerative diseases, and even ageing.  So in a 100 years time, there we all are, not growing old, not falling ill, and virtually immortal.  What will we do? Go out and enjoy the rest of our lives, secure in the knowledge that we will not die. Unless of course we suffer an accident.

Plane after it crash-landed at San Francisco airport

As good as surgery and medicine will be in 100 years time, it will not be able to bring you back from the dead if you suffer a fatal accident. Drowning at sea, a nasty pile-up on the motorway, a plane crash, a fire, a fall off of a ladder that cause brain trauma- the list is almost endless.  What would we do to avoid accidentally terminating our immortality? Here’s a (admittedly pessimistic) take on this:

We would try to avoid all situations where a fatal accident could occur.  Why risk shortening your never-ending life-span? We would become a world of  risk-avoiders. Why risk travelling to a foreign land? Just watch it on TV in your secure air-tight protected shell of a world. Why risk physical inter-action with other humans? Many of them are mad, or dangerous, so why risk it? Contact them solely through the internet video. Much safer.  Physical activity? No thanks! Cycling, driving, running, all could lead to an accident or some sort that threatens your one trillion tomorrows.


We would all settle into comfy armchairs alone in a room secure from the perils outside the door. The future a lonely sedentary existence that is really half-life. A life without the potential for danger is a life without the potential for quality. A living death?


Accidental Death: The Bane of Immortality

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