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Action! Directing your Dreams may soon be Possible

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  1. Emma

    I have been a lucid dreamer throughout a lot of my life. I once thought it was normal and that is how everybody dreams. It is wonderful at times as I can awake then go back into the same dream several times. I can remember most dreams and re enter them days or weeks later. I can guide my dreams but predominantly I am always aware that I am dreaming.

    The negative aspect is that I have disturbed sleep and I am tired as I am never fully switching off. I don’t feel as if I have slept at all but I do drift into REM sleeo for short spurts. I have a tendency to day dream if I want to continue the dream to see what happens. There are many aspects that needs to be explored before inducing people into this state of consciousness.

  2. Nuvilla Perez

    Very interesting article, I have always wondered about how very useful would be to be in control of our dreams.
    Thank you for sharing it with us, it is very generous of you.
    Again, thank you.

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