Trees On mars

Trees On Mars Nasa Photo

Trees On Mars Nasa Photo

6 thoughts on “Trees On mars

  1. This is quite clearly a fake. There’s nothing more too it.

  2. Jon

    Just so you know Matthew check your info before you post. This picture is not a fake, it was taken by HiRISE the most powerful camera sent to another planet. What you see as trees is actually debris. Those sand dunes in the picture are actually covered in frozen CO2 (dry ice if you didn’t know.) maybe you should try to not be such a jerk and not bash other people showing you something cool you probably would have never seen. Thank you to whoever posted this, quite astonishing.

  3. yeah what jon said!

  4. Looks like really bad stew the chef flicked his ‘cigar’ into.

  5. makes ya fink this dose

  6. why does nasa is trying to make us fool

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