Do You Believe In God?

British physicists answer the big question “Do You Believe In God?” Worrying or not? Would love to hear your comments…

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  1. laura

    The question was “do you believe in god”… most answered using the word religion. To me, God and religion are totally different things..
    This “blur”, i believe confuses the discussion at hand.
    interesting non-the-less however, so thanks!

  2. Emma

    “Do you believe in God?”

    A tricky question in itself as the original meaning is supernatural creator. I believe in a creator and this is evident when I look around my environment. It is in nature, the planet and the biology of all living things. However I have faith too, I believe in angels and again a creator. If I remove all knowledge of a God/religion I am still left with a belief system, a system of faith. In what I am unsure but the best part of living is sometimes not the discovery of knowing but the understanding.

  3. marinela

    i do belive in a form of energie who keep in order oure Univers.
    i dont belive in any religion,priest or eny person who pretend they can speak with “god”for me !!!!!!
    whay should I need an intermediar??????????????
    im aspritual person and every time when i do need help,i just prey to my ancestors spirits and to the GREAT CREATOR,and they just help me !
    it is soo simple we just forgot ,haw to prey from the bottom of our hart.

  4. Matthew

    Guys, you need to stop constantly thinking about our creation and live the life that was brought to you. Yeah, it’s only human to wonder why we were created, but we will never, ever know the truth. If we are told about our afterlife with pure information, then how can you be so sure of the outcome? Seriously, you wouldn’t jump into a bottomless pit because a group of people said paradise is down there, knowing full well that people can’t come back to proove you wrong/right. I’m not saying there isn’t a higher power, all im saying is that you should concentrate on the plantet we live on, our reality as we know it.

  5. Lorna Beecroft

    I absolutely do not believe in the god of organized religions. I believe that the basis for these religions is nothing to do with spirituality, but rather purely about controlling the population and bending them to their will. I do believe in an energy or connection or Creator if you will that is simply beyond human comprehension as it is so vast in scope. I believe that we are all connected from the smallest bit of plankton to the largest living animal. From a single blade of grass to humans, our energies are all mingling and connected. It is for this reason that I believe if we harm another living thing, if we are cruel or thoughtless of other living things that we damage ourselves as well. I believe we must become aware and present in the moment and honour that connection.

  6. Matthew

    Understand that we are Gods. The bible isn’t all that it seems. MTAA- KOOL ROF LLA SELPPA NI RUOY AERA.

  7. Terry Bacon

    The great teachers like Buddha Jesus Krishna and others did not come to set up religion or to build temples and churches. They came to teach a truth that runs down through the ages. A few will grasp that truth to carry it on but it becomes lost again to the vast majority of us as as the waters become murky again by man’s insatiable desire to have control.

  8. robert

    Having experienced God in my life
    I see the mistake that intelligent people make
    they can’t seperate God from religion
    it’s so ingrained that none in the clip
    can grasp that God & religion don’t have to go together
    this is the mistake that I used to make when
    I didn’t believe
    know i’ve got the wisdom to know the difference thanks

  9. Tracy

    I believe in God. I am a Christian, however Christianity is not a religion. Religion= A person earning their way to heaven via good works/clean life. Christianity= “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…”By grace are ye saved, through faith (In Jesus Christ) not of yourselves, it is a gift from God, lest any man should boast” I can also understand the confusion people have these days in finding the truth from crop circles to christian science religions. The Bible even says “In the end times even the elect would be decieved if it were possible” To claim you know this or that that refutes God’s existence or the Bible is foolish. On a chart from 1-100 of all the things there is to know, where would you fall? Even a genius would maybe fall on 3 of a scale of all knowledge. Bottom line is we don’t know as much as we think we do. God says in the Bible “My thought are not your thoughts, neither are My ways your ways” It also says “Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord” This will happen right before you are admitted into heaven (those with faith in Christ) or thrown into eternal hell (all those that do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the ultimate price so that you don’t have to if you believe in Him. He said “I am the way, the truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father (God) but by Me” Regardless of all te confusion out there at this time, it does not change the fact that there is only one truth. The only real answers are in the word of God=the Bible. If you really have a relationship with Christ then you already know the truth and if you don’t have a relationship with Christ you simply have to pray and ask Christ to forgive your sins and be your Lord and Savior. If you have doubts then pray and ask God to reveal himself to you. If you really are sincerely searching for God and the truth the Bible says “Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened up to you..”After Christ is your Savior you will be amazed at how you can decifer the truth from all the fancy theories and deception floating around out there. God bless and good luck in your searching.

  10. rajkumar bhandari

    i belive in god, To me, God and religion are totally different things.I believe that we are all connected from the smallest bit of plankton to the largest living animal. people remember god when thye are in trable……….

  11. matt

    Nothing is true. Everything is permitted

  12. roshan

    my only question is that if u dont believe in god then from where came the energy which created this universe ?
    how where u created in the first place ? did u drop out of thin air?
    please mail me i am need of a deliberate answer

  13. roshan

    bible says in the begining there was word ,word was with god ,word was god
    next it says this word took human form and came to earth to save the man kind

  14. Rex

    Asking biological or physical scientists the “believe in God question” requires them to respond with the magical word “proof.” It’s all about empirical evidence, the scientific method and objective experiments. I assume the question implies a being (personal god) outside ourselves and that being interacts with the known, physical universe (including mankind) somehow. Perhaps a better question might have been “Do you believe in a universe that is the result of “Intelligent Design.” or ID. But, if you look closely at empirical science and the investigative methods utilized to obtain data – “the proof or evidence,” all science is subjective and the scientist believes in “god” because they assume the laws of the universe are consistent in their behavior. A paradigm shift in the area of science virtually requires an act of Congress! So, the “gods’’ of science are the laws and theories that are used to explain the workings and behaviors of the universe on the macroscopic and microscopic scale. Does not Stephen Hawking believe in some physical law, energy or “force” (such as gravity) as a better explanation of creation than a personal God? I am sure he believes in the existence of the “God Particle,” but have scientists discovered it yet and can they explain where it came from? — hence, the particle remains a hypothesis or theory — an object of faith? My understanding is that physicists cannot go back in time to the “Big Bang” except in Planck time, that is 10 to the negative 43 seconds after the Big Bang occurred – but what about the period from 0 seconds to 10 to the negative 43 seconds (Planck Epoch)– unknown as to what happened? Scientists can say they are agnostics or atheists, but in practice only. In reality, they believe in a “god” or “gods” – many of them subscribe to the concept of ID. If one accepts the Bible as the “Word of God” and the account of Creation in Genesis, then it is difficult for me to comprehend God as Energy or a Force because of the words “God created” or “God said.” Creation “ex nihlo” – out of nothing. “Nothing” is a gigantic word!! Energy as I understand it is not pereceived as “nothing” – it cannot speak and is not personal in the sense of being – just my opinion and understanding. But to those agnostic scientists, there is a warning to those individuals who pride themselves in their empirical techniques, evidence and knowledge – “….We know that ‘We all possess knowledge.’ But knowledge puffs up while love builds up. Those who think they know something do not yet know as they ought to know. But whoever loves God is known by God….’There is no God but one.’ For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as indeed there are many ‘gods’ and many ‘lords’), yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live….. But not everyone possesses this knowledge.” And….an additional note … I recently discovered this super website and I am playing catch-up on the subject Noetic Science. All reader comments and articles are really interesting and informative. Thanks to the Webmaster and all those who participate!!

  15. Esmer

    I’ve heard atheists say they don’t believe in God because there is no proof, all the while standing on grass, sun shining, wind blowing, even every part of their body working in sync while they’re talking, and I wonder if a scientist has calculated numerically the probability of every single event and atom in space and time put together to have a living human body standing, talking, seeing, breathing, hearing, and thinking on a rotating planet with precise gravitation, absorbing precise sunlight, inhaling precise mixture of oxygen, etc. all at one specific moment in time? Living without God is not living in a lifeless zone, it would be living in total disarray and confusion of elements with no uniformity or purpose.

  16. Matt

    I have written and re written this answer 3 times! The short answer is Yes! However the more complex answer is yes, but with a few conditions.

    I doubt my faith. Constantly. I think every Christian does at times. I however do it everyday. I worry that I only say I believe because I dont want to end up in Hell eventually, or be punished in this life and have things taken away from me like my Children. So I pray, and tell people that I am a Christain (but only if asked) and say that there is a God. Which I do believe that there is! If your with me so far!
    I also think that the Church cashes in on people who feel exactly like me. Wanting to have that unshakeable faith, but somehow falling short of the mark. So I propose that this question and blog is never going to be honestly answered as everyone is always in a state of limbo. The non belivers that proclaim there is no God secretly believe that there is and the Christians secretly believe that there isnt (at soem point) But thats what faith is I suppose. I just need it proving to me first. If the question was, did we arrive at this point in the whole universe by chance or did a supreme being put us here, than I would say that God did, as faith works for everything and Science hasnt proved to me that we are a random chance OR that God doesnt exist.
    If that answers the original question, or to refresh. Yes, yes I do believe in God

  17. yacham

    i definitely believe in God He is the alpha and omega,omniscient,omnipotent and omnipresence

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