Paranormal Events in The Bible

Paranormal Events in The BibleThe Bible talks of many miraculous events and most often these events seem impossible, at least to the sceptic. However, others find a distict similarity to many paranormal events known to Psychical Researchers.

Most of the writings in the bible have been recorded over a thousand years. There are several events that cause researchers to draw comparisons to paranormal activities. Take for instants the writings about the Prophet Elijah. He was taken up by God in a chariot of fire and disappeared from the sight of men. Some modern researchers believe that this is a very simplistic description of a UFO abduction, although others believe the language is symbolic. The Bible however records several such disappearances.

9 thoughts on “Paranormal Events in The Bible

  1. krishan

    Story of Paranormal Bible for a modern man: A dame appled adam to make sin and as per Cosmic law of Karmas – result was more sinners. And to swallow the sin of the sinners, a child like pure soul had to die on the cross of the sinners.
    His-story ends.
    (No malice towards anyone)

  2. Kathy

    The story is still going on whether you acknowledge it or not. Kindly, the determining end is not yours to write since we didn’t write it.

  3. rob

    Makes no sense at all, Kathy. Nobody that I am aware of, is continueing the story, as you put it.The story has indeed ended.

  4. Tracy

    The story has not “Ended” The Bible seems to point to the rapture of the christians sometime around 2012. You would think this would be a wake-up call to those left behind, but Satan “The Great Deciever” is already working on blinding the eyes of the people left behind to the facts. Hence all the media on alien sightings, cover ups and abductions. I suspect, after the rapture takes place, most people will simply ride it off as a mass alien abduction.

  5. Ajay

    No abductions or destruction. 2012 is nothing but an era to begin where mankind will start the process of uunderstanding the “nous” – Inner Knowledge or simply put – the power of the conciousness.

    Even the world evolves in cycles. Remember, there have been cycles of evolution and destruction in the world before as we know it today. There will be more likes of Krishna or Jesus in the coming years….except they will be as per the era they will be born in and not necessarily in the same form as earlier.

  6. Tim

    Hence what Tracy said. There’s only gonna be one more coming of Jesus; two at most. One at Armegeddon; and maybe when God brings heaven to earth- although I think that what was originally meant in that verse was that heaven will be earth to us- our home. Oh; and one more thing- ever heard of entropy? The Law of Conservation of Energy & Mass is wrong. Hence the end of the world.

  7. Tim

    I was talking about how she was talking about Satan blinding people when I sad hence.

  8. bob

    didn’t you hear about that guy who resurected on the local news after being shot in the head on camera

  9. Castro

    @Markus I purchase a person’s drift with the spot where you had been likely now there. My partner and i frequently bring to mind my own recent and employ it as a means to evaluate when I will be and also where by I want to be able to. Wherever My spouse and i struggel is definitely controlling all this outside. How can you guys stability items away?

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