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Sumerian History – Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

Was Adam genetically engineered…?

The creation has troubled many Christians but maybe those who recorded our history in the bible were not all that far off after all. It could be very literal if you listen to Zecharia Sichin.

Sitchin is a professional in traditional Semitic and Hebrew languages, has stirred much squabble with his books, papers and lectures. Sitchin was born in Russia, was raised in Palestine, graduated from the University of London with a degree in economic history. He worked for years as a journalist and editor in Israel before settling in New York.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

His Earth Chronicles series offers the grounds that mythology is the repository of ancient memory, the Bible is an unprecedented and systematic document, and traditional civilizations were the product of knowledge given to the people by the Anunnaki.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

In a lecture at New York University in 1993, Sitchin outlined his theory about human origins and our link with the Anunnaki. Following are excerpts from his talk:

“There is one more planet in our own solar system, not light years away, that comes between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. People from that planet came to Earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis.

“I prophesize the return of this planet called Nibiru at this time. The planet is inhabited by intelligent human beings like us who will come and go between their planet and our planet. They created Homo sapiens. We look like them. I call them the Annunaki,” Sitchen said.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

He said he became interested in the Sixth Chapter of Genesis, that talks about the Nefilim, or giants, identified as “the sons of the gods who married the daughters of man in the days before the great flood.” In his research, Sitchen said he learned that Nefilim literally means “those who have come down to earth from the heavens.“All the ancient scriptures, the Bible, the Greek myths, the Egyptian myth and texts, the pyramid texts, everything, led to the Sumerians, whose civilization was the first known one six thousand years ago. I focused on Sumer, the source of these legends and myths and texts and information. I learned to read the cuneiform Sumerian texts and came upon their persistent and repeated statements that those beings, whom the Sumerians called Anunnaki, came to earth from a planet called Nibiru.

Sumerian Secrets 2012

The planet was designated by the sign of the cross and Nibiru meant, planet of crossing.” Sitchen said scholars who were following this same course of study were debating among themselves whether Nibiru was Mars or Jupiter. He said he began an extensive study of astrological charts and realized that Nibiru couldn’t be either of these planets. He finally came to the conclusion that it was a wandering planet that crossed through our solar system.“Once I realized that this was the answer, that there is one more planet, everything else fell into place. The meaning of the Mesopotamian Epic of Creation on which the first chapters of Genesis are based and all details about the Anunnaki, who they were and who their leaders were and how they traveled from their planet to Earth and how they splashed down in the Persian Gulf and about their first settlement, their leaders and so on and so on, everything became clear! The Sumerians had immense knowledge.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

“They knew about Uranus and Neptune and described them and they knew about Pluto. They were proficient in mathematics and, in many respects, their knowledge surpassed modern times. They said ‘All we know was told to us by the Anunnaki.’”

Sitchen said: “The existence of Nibiru is not a matter of just one more globe in our solar system. This is different, because if Nibiru exists, and the Anunnaki exist, then the Sumerian claim that they come back to our vicinity every 3,600 years, at which times in the past they gave us civilization, then we are not alone and there are more advanced people than us in our solar system.”In one of his books, “The Twelfth Planet,” Sitchen quotes a Sumerian text that he says explains how Adam, the first Homo sapien, was created. He said the process was the same as what today is called a “test tube baby process.“The knowledge that we have acquired corroborates what the Sumerians knew six thousand years ago. You wonder how is it possible, how could they know? How, as another example, could their symbol of the entwined serpents, that we still use today to denote medicine and healing and biology, be 6,000 years ago, the symbol of Enki, who engaged in genetic engineering to bring about the Adam? That was a symbol of the DNA, the double helix of DNA,” Sitchen said. “We look like them. They made us through genetic engineering. They jumped the gun on evolution, and made us to look like them physically, and to be like them emotionally. That is what the Bible says: Let us make the Adam in our likeness and after our image. Physically, outwardly and inwardly. So much of what they are, we are.” Sitchen even goes one step farther. He also theorizes that the Anunnaki not only created us through genetic engineering, they “mixed their genes with those of Ape-woman.”This is exactly what the remote viewer finds when he peers into the past. There was, indeed, a genetic manipulation of existing animals on this planet to create various forms of intelligent Homo sapien.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

He says, however, that we are not all from the same source. While the Anunnaki created people, other alien visitors left their own DNA prints on this planet at even earlier times. This explains the wide variety of races that exist. We are all human, but we seem to have originated from different places and races in the universe.

Sumerian History - Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

39 thoughts on “Sumerian History – Ancient Language Tells The Story Of Mankind

  1. shahrzad

    It is an interesting subject. Although I like the idea still there is something missing. As we know Hobble telescope can picture things in the space even billion light years far away. So how this planet inside solar system has not found since now? I hope I find a persuading answer becaus as I already mentioned I like the idea.

  2. Dreamweaver

    The planet Nebiru has a masking device that makes it invisible to telescopes. Sometimes it flickers, but astronomers attribute their surprising observation to eye strain, tiredness or some other condition.

    When Nasa send probes up, some of them “bump” into this planet. The Nebiruians see our probes as quaint pieces of space junk, and keep some in their museums. They are planning an updating of the human genome soon. The previous genome is a bit outdated -“so-6-millenia-ago”. There is a waiting list. It’s first come first served. So if you don’t want to be an inferior species, get your name down.

  3. elena

    Because, It travels around the sun on a pathway that is probably too large for us to comprehend, as stated its orbit takes 3600 years, that is longer than most of our species has data for. Also….. I’ve read this planet is also known as Marduk, which is a name that comes up more frequently in texts. Just puttin it out there.

  4. Syl

    Ok, I will open my mind and acknowledge the study, but then who created Nibiru & the Anunnaki?


    They came about through normal processes of natural selection. It might have also happened to man on earth- our existence alone is not evidence of alien intervention into our dna. The evidence is all these incredibly important ancient stories that are STILL floating around after all these years.

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  7. kutulu78

    Belive in the gates. Read everything you can. dimensions are not hard to accomplish. The old are still wise.

  8. gulli

    why do you bring the bible in to this when you can clearly see the bible wasent made by the sumerians it was made by people that stole and corrupted the sumerian texts if the sumerian amde the bible the world would be diffrent you can see that right? you see there storys and now see the bible it is not the same if the bible was made by sumerian sources then why dosent it look like there texts and were dose the name come from the bible?

  9. michael

    Science and religion separated at some time, but all theories need concrete evidence to prove them. Whereas I have read Sitchin’s Twelfth Planet and have even experimented with “Babylonian magic rites” –to the effect that I visualized what I wanted to see [Marduk Kurios with a woman who was either Ishtar or a woman I now identify as Puabi, a young queen from Ur]–I cannot prove anything because I experienced a psychic phenomenon. I can only prove that the mind is the most powerful tool we have. We are indeed a very intelligent species when we apply our intellect in the correct manner.

  10. Rhugh bobo

    what is the soul and where does is go after human death? It supposedly weighs 1/3000th of an oz. If this knowledge is for everyone why has my Mensan intellect not yet found the truth? If each of us is a center of an unbounded universe, then isn’t each of us on a separate path to find the verifieable premise; any other premise could be a valid but false conclusion–a stating point for further logical thought. So far I have only heard individual evidence or opinion for many paths of logic, only valid speculations or conclusions, yet false? What can one really tell another beyond doubt as true fact?

  11. Coopmans

    They didn’t mention WHY they altered their dna into primitives…but i do know though it’s just if i want to send this link to a friend he will ask about it anyway lol

  12. Walter

    Are you folks listening to each other. “Mensan intellect”? Get a grip please. A planet that pops up every 3600 years? Hello?? Hello?? Is anyone home? Snap out of it!

  13. Rex

    The planet which pops up every 3600 years was there in the time of sumerians, not neccesarily now, may be, it is now transformed into an astroid belt which is between mars and jupiter……

  14. Moon

    I am the man in the moon.

  15. Darrell

    Hello, the information from ancient times on tablets and engraved archeological artifacts should speak volumes to anyone. Consider that we have all been programmed with the interpretation of historical data in our history books from school, that someone else has chosen for us. The findings of engraved Sumerian data that has an earlier date than the Bible is very interesting. Too bad all of us didn’t understand and recognize this very early on while growing up. The world would be a totally different place. We would all think very differently. I suppose if Nibiru and the Nefilim showed up we would all be placed in some type of subjection, and all of the female species would disappear.

  16. Darrell

    Nibiru must be close as this winter has been very warm in Colorado up til yesterday!

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  18. Matt

    You really think the government would tell us if such a thing were to happen? Do you seriously think that the government would allow evidence of our creation, which would proove certain religious beliefs wrong? Ofcourse not, it would cause chaos and fear.

  19. Matt

    @ Rugh Bobo.

    The test has proven to be inacurate. This is because there’s no actual “proof” of this, just the scientists word for it, and apparently, there’s many different things that exit your body when you die, these things include heat, blood, oxygen, and many different gasses, radiation, the list goes on and on.

  20. The Garnet

    If the planet only comes into contact 3600 years ago, and the bible was based off them, Would there return not be around 3600 AD?

  21. sam

    God created the heavens and the earth, the life that surrounds us … he created man and women. well as we know the fallen angels, who were thrown out of the heavens came to earth and altered the human genome .. for which God caused the great flood.leaving only noha and family who’s gene wasnt altered.the flood would have probably happened at the time of the sumerians… which led to their destruction and also the annunaki, who would have left earth.when they arrive again the annunaki or those from the planet nibiru… the anti christ will be revealed… and therefor whats told in the book of revelation. belive it or not this is whats is going to happen.

  22. Bryan

    If you do not believe alot of this or would like to know more..you must watch ANCIENT ALIENS on history channel really good show!!!!

  23. francois

    Hi I’m Francois.
    I read the comment of Mr Dreamweaver April 25.2010
    What is the meaning they are planning an updating of humain genome and there is a waiting list,it’s first come first served.So if you don’t want to be an inferrior species, get you name down?.
    1.Where is the list
    2.what the meaning the are planning an updating of human genome and who is planning the change.
    3,If you can give me some more information on what to do.
    Kind Regard

  24. starguid

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this subject and my conclusion is that,(not disrespecting christains) the anunnaki came to be just as we think we did,see for them it was natural selection but for us we couldn’t just be created,I think that because they became so enriched with intelect,they created lesser beings (homosapiens) thus, technically making them god.if u look at the ancient scripters and tablets (which most of them we haven’t even found) they show us how intelectual they we’re,back then since the first tablet they we’re smarter than what we are now and the level of their technology was far more advanced then we are now aswel, so I do think its possible that the human race could be like a scientific project of the anunnaki and as far as updating the gnome,if they wanted to do it they wouldve by now since their technology has gotten more advaced since their last visit.

  25. We-are-alone-together

    There are many interconnecting alien for-runner ideas (where ancient beings create the human species), either written in old languages or created as new fiction (inspired by ancient stories), that I believe shows 10,000 years of mankind’s fascination with aliens’ role in humanity’s beginning. I do believe the ancient gods of Greece and Egypt are, in fact, yet another kind of alien…

    The one constant of all these stories is that, as far as we know there is no physical evidence, outside of texts and stories handed down, of any creation myth… So at the end of the day that is all they are- different similar creation myths.

    Think of the Big Picture; did not the Greeks, Egyptians, ancient Chinese, and Babylonians believe (or at least act like they believed) in their own creation myths, and write them down as if they were fact? Even though the ancient god myths were very far-fetched ideas, to me, these ancient aliens who came from a planet with a crazy (and awfully convenient) orbit and possessed a very high level of technology are also of myth material.

    Ultimately I’m afraid that until someone successfully builds and operates a time machine, and starts taking people on tour, we can only merely speculate the thousands of possible answers to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything… Oh wait the answer to that is 42 🙂 See, it’s so much easier to live in unknowns and in fictional and theoretic ideas then in all we really know of our beginning- which is so little. All we really know for sure is that we do in fact exist.

    I’m afraid the past has more questions than answers.

  26. kris

    I am not sure I believe the ancient alien idea. I do see that it is possible, though i think something far simpler is closer to the truth. Through our knowledge, which is still very limmited, of ancient history, society, and peoples all we really have proof of is that ancient man had much of what we have now as far as sciences,technology,social structure…the list can go on and on. Somehow,whether through their own doing or some sort of natural force, some sort of event caused the calapse of their societies and the lose of the technology. people were forced to live in a more primitive way through cercumstance than they had been used to and relied on basic skills. as generations grew from the point of calapse what had been concrete knowledge became myth and legand. I postulate that the further back we go the closer we get to the way life is now. No written history of time period before ancient sumer could simply be because information was kept and shared via devices similiar or the same as modern computers, disks and the like. If we go so far in our records as to stop writing or typing as we do now and rely completely on disks and computers and a cataclysmic event makes them unuseable and we lose much of our worlds population then 10,000 yrs from now there will be no written record of our current society. Besides that, by then most if not all of our books and documents would be decenegrated as well. Paper doesn’t keep as well as papyrus, and certainly not as well as stone or metal. People thousands of years from today may think the statue of liberty is our goddess and that mount rushmore has the faces of our gods on it. It’s all mostly guesses and matters of perpective anyway.

  27. kris

    What if ancient man was like us? That’s really the only thing we know for certain. They had much of what we have so who’s to say that they didn’t have conrol over the airwaves like we do via computer, radio, satalite….
    If most of our population were wiped out in ten thousand years our knowledge would be gone as well. the time between would consist of survivors spending all their energy trying to stay alive and the valued skills would be in day to day living. science as we know it and history would be wiped away after a while. It think humanity is in a never ending cycle of primitve-modern-primitive. i don’t think it has anything to do with aliens.

  28. Nick

    What if time is completely irrelevant, man made, man sustained. What if planet Earth simply wipes its self out ever so often when we get too smart. Maybe this place is a storage room for us. A petre dish. And big bangs are population control to save our selves from ourselves. Allowing us to recycle our planet and have a shot at one day learning how to truely sustain it, befriend it, love it. Maybe… just maybe anything is possible if you believe it is.

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  30. peter robinson

    adam in hebrew means mankind. So the Bible says that Mr. mankind was created with Eve (Hebrew – mother of all living). It is a story!!! The Bible (biblia – greek for “THE books”) is a library dealing with theo – logy (Theos = God; logos = word, science and other meanings which you can look up in a Greek dictionary) and not a book of science, history, geography, maths etc. It deals primarily with how Israel percieved “Jeova” working and helping them throughout their history. So Genesis tells us about an idyllic existence in a garden where the animals did not prey on each other, the inhabitants ate fruit and had 4 rivers to be cool. This came to an end through disobedience and further sins like murder, incest etc made Jeova want to destroy His creation. I don’t think anybody believes that the whole worls was flooded, but Noah’s whole world was flooded (localised). The flood phenomenon/story repeats itself in various civilizations, but in Genesis it has its own slant according to the priestly writer’s slant and the ORAL tradition it came from. We have two versions – the animals came into the ark 2 by 2, or 7 by 7!!!

  31. peter robinson

    Adam in hebrew means mankind. So the Bible says that Mr. mankind was created with Eve (Hebrew – mother of all living). It is a story!!! The Bible (biblia – greek for “THE books”) is a library dealing with theo – logy (Theos = God; logos = word, science and other meanings which you can look up in a Greek dictionary) and not a book of science, history, geography, maths etc. It deals primarily with how the nation of Israel percieved “Jeova” working and helping its inhabitants throughout its history. So Genesis tells us about an idyllic existence in a garden where the animals did not prey on each other, the people had mastery over animals (they named them) they ate fruit and had 4 rivers to be cool. This came to an end through disobedience and further transgressions such as murder of a brother (all humans are brothers since according to this tradition they proceed fro mr mankind and mrs mother of all living,) incest etc. That it is a story is evident because who married Cain if only Abel and Cain were born of the first couple? Jeova finally came to the end of His tether (anthropomorphic writing – attributing human feelings and thoughts to God, a non physical but spiritual Being which begs the question what are the characteristics of a spirit (not a ghost which can have form etc) wanting to destroy His creation. I don’t think anybody believes that the whole worls was flooded, but Noah’s whole world was flooded (localised). The flood phenomenon/story repeats itself in various civilizations, but in Genesis it has its own slant according to the priestly writer’s mindset and the ORAL tradition it came from. We have two versions – the animals came into the ark 2 by 2, or 7 by 7!!! “Act of God” by Graham Phillips has some interesting and quite plausible theories about Moses and the Exodus; “The Bible Code” and “The Bible Code 2” by Michael Drosnin postulate the theory that there is a hidden code in the Hebrew Bible, accessible with the help of the computer.

  32. Jon McCarty

    If they are on a 3,600 year trajectory, the planet would be too cold to survive and sustain any life if we are their clones.

  33. adam champion

    i have studied this subject for 3 years now, the interest started in late 2008, into 2009 myself and others where searching youtube into information on the planet X (a.k.a. Niberu)we came across a NASA leak which happened to be Co-ordinates for the only unknown planet on Google Earth, it was there a big red dot with 3 smaller yellow dots, it was named unknown, one year later 2010 late last year i typed in the same co-ordinates and the image has been replaced by a big black rectangle, they have completely erased that part of our universe, there is a question mark underneath the rectangle of nothing, the question which thousands on there have asked what is this?????? i wrote a reply, telling them the history and what i myself think it is, they sent me a reply telling me that i am mad and to get back to my bong, unfortunately for them i do not touch drugs, i replied with ‘dont ask the question then if you are not mentally prepared for the answer, then i realised the person who replied is from NASA. i was amazed!!!!

  34. Tian

    The truth is out there, its just a pitty our own species is so corrupt, to keep information hidden, ancient tabloids,ancient ways(that are the right ways), but unfortunately we have this thing called religion that confuses us from what is really true… Its time that we as homo sapiens sapiens catch a wake and smell the truth, coz its right infront of us, on our planet to discover! But unfortunately humans are scared of the truth for some reason, maybe the Annunaki programmed us like this not to discover all the hidden secrets 🙂

  35. Raj

    @adam champion, pl. forward the co-ordinates.

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  39. Put yourself in their space shoes.

    Perhaps we may have been genetically engineered by a superior being millions of years ago acknowledged by ancient civilizations through their cave paintings, writings etc. Did it ever occur that maybe their higher purpose was to allow us to evolve without their direct influences, to see how intelligent or advanced we can become independently? Smart enough that we should know the answers. Or perhaps they created us, because they simply needed our help, however, due to natural disasters in space something could of impacted their travels. So project “Earth” is now the forgotten planet. So all we have is our wondering unanswered questions and our ignorance for not “being” capable to rescue their extinction when they were in our grasps years ago…

    Or their avoidance is to protect themselves from our diseases…

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