Monatomic Gold


There’s an interesting video from grizzled veteran journalist and conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs about Monatomic gold. Jim Marrs has written many books asnd papers on government cover ups on aliens, telepathy and 9/11, and his book Crossfire was a primary source for the screenplay for Oliver Stone’s film JFK. Despite being a couple of years old, this unassuming lecture before an intimate gathering still gives you cause to pause and think.

In this 10 minute video: Monatomic gold Jim talks about future technology from the past. he says that there’s a key reason why we want to invade Iraq. And it’s not to do with weapons of mass destruction. Jim talks about evidence of an advanced ancient civilization and a farmer who found strange sparkling minerals in the soil.  A chemist investigated the substance and it was a single atom element- a monatomic element.

Strange things began to occur. A white powder was distilled from the substance. But that powder can actual defy gravity and bestow weightlessness on a vessel containing it. It also could be made to disappear. But it came back in the same position, meaning that it must have temporarily shifted to another dimension! It was thought that if ingested, the monatomic gold powder could “clean up” your DNA. That might unlock the gateway to longevity or even immortality!

Monatonic gold is known by many names such as white powder gold, Ormus, the Elixir of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, and mana. It has been around for quite a while; the ancient Egyptians made it with gold leaf ground into pure desert sand and then boiled it in vinegar-wine.

The virtues of gold has been promoted by various alchemists throughout history; one of the best known is Paracelsus as is his production of what he called Aurum Potable. The Chinese called it “Kim” (Gold) and “Yeh” (Juice) becoming “Kimiya”.  The Arabic culture then added the definitive article ‘al’ (the) creating “Al-kimiya” or Alchemy.  That instantly conjures up the popular myth that alchemists primary goal is to turn base metals into gold. However  much of alchemical pursuit is the transmutation of gold into healing tonics, or substances to give a human special advantages.

Jim’s not without humour. “They discovered recently that protons had mass… I didn’t even know they were Catholic!”

I won’t give any more away except to say that the video is intriguing and makes you want to see the others in the series to get the whole picture. Whether you swallow some of the suppositions and ideas, there is no way you can reject them all out of hand. And Jim delivers them in such a neighbour-over-the-fence way, that you sense he has no axe to grind here, or books to sell, just a story to unfold which is designed to challenge your basic concepts of history, life and our place in the universe. That’s all then!!

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