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Rats Communicate across Continent

Rats Communicate across Continent

In a slightly bizarre experiment, Researchers have managed to establish communication between two rats, one in North Carolina, the other in Natal, Brazil.

Rats Communicate across Continent

(Picture copyright of Duke University)

The neurological signals were records by one rodent, in Duke University, Durham, NC, and then sent over the internet to the other. The receiving rat’s behaviour responded to the signals from the first rat.

Professor Pais-Vieira from Duke University said:

“Even though the animals were on different continents, with the resulting noisy transmission and signal delays they could still communicate. This tells us that we could create a workable network of animal brains distributed in many different locations.”

Eventually  numbers of brains could be linked, which may lead to the rats increasing their problem-solving by drawing on other rats’ experiences.

This mind-meld might alarm some people into thinking we are opening ways of rats across the globe combining their thoughts and planning a take-over of the human race. However, rats can’t exist without humans, and in any case the thoughts that are being transmitted are very basic ones.

Time to watch the film Willard and sing the Michael Jackson song “Ben” again?

The study was led by Duke University Medical Center neurobiologist Miguel Nicolelis (pictured below) and was published last week  published in Scientific Reports.

Rats Communicate across Continent

Are You Affected by Sunspots? Watch Out this Summer!

Are You Affected by Sunspots? Watch Out this Summer!

Did you notice anything peculiar about your behaviour on 19 and 20 February this year? On those days a massive sunspot expanded and retracted. Over the next few months the sun will enter the peak of sunspot activity, a cycle that occurs every eleven years. But does it really have an effect on human behaviour?

Historically, the best-known  research was conducted by the early 20th century Russian scientist, professor A.L. Tchijevsy.  He prepared a study of the history of mass human behaviour compared to the 11 year solar cycle. He divided sunspot activity into four parts:

1) Minimum sunspot activity;

2) increasing sunspot activity;

3) maximum sunspot activity; and

4) Decreasing sunspot activity.

He then divided up the agitation of mass human movements into five phases: and these are more difficult to understand:

  1. provoking influence of leaders upon masses
  2. the “exciting” effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses
  3. the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a single psychic center
  4. the extensive areas covered by mass movements
  5. Integration and individualization of the masses

He compared the two charts to come up with what he called an “Index of mass excitability”. He then applied this for each covering each year from 500 B.C. to 1922 A.D in 72 countries 72 countries in that period. He focused on “unrest” -wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations. Tchijevsky found that 80% of the most significant events occurred during the years of maximum sunspot activity. He theorised that these “exciting” periods were due to an acute change in the nervous and psychic character of humanity, which takes place when sunspot activity was at a peak, and that when there was very little sunspot activity, humanity became “tired” and less likely to stir itself to undertake large-scale ventures.

Are You Affected by Sunspots? Watch Out this Summer!

Georges Lakhovsky took things further in his book, “The Secret of Life”  in which he mixed fact and speculation. The Sun is one of Earth’s primary sources of cosmic radiation. Solar winds capture passing cosmic dust and radiation and blow it into the earth’s atmosphere. He called this the Prana, that Cosmic Breath, which is meant to vitalize man, and be the source for our evolution.

Later, Dr. George Crile, a distinguished American surgeon, studied the sun in light of its radiant energy.  He said :

“It is clear that radiation produces the electrical current which operates adaptively the organism as a whole, producing memory, reason, imagination, emotion, the special senses, secretions, muscular action, the response to infection, normal growth, and the growth of benign tumours and cancers, all of which are governed adaptively by the electric charges that are generated by the short wave or ionizing radiation in protoplasm.”

However there is a lack of hard biological evidence to support the theories that sunspots affect human behaviour. In fact some scientists debunk the theory completely, saying that it is more likely that the gravity pull of the moon (seen in the ebb and flow of tides) affects us more than the sun,  perhaps giving support to Lycanthropy!

You can find all sorts of activities that occur in 11 year cycles that surely are not caused by sunspot activity: These include ladies fashions (more risque when sunspot activity at a peak),  horse racing (outsiders more likely to win during peaks) and thespians forgetting their lines more often during high sunspot activity!

Are You Affected by Sunspots? Watch Out this Summer!

However there has not been any detailed research for some years now. Perhaps the escalation of sunspot activity due this Summer will cause more interest in this field.






Make with the Magic Memory Mushrooms Man!

Make with the Magic Memory Mushrooms Man!

Anyone of a certain age will remember there was always some long-haired unhealthy looking guy at the party doling out various varieties of “magic mushrooms” as a change from the bitter weed or booze.  Certain species of mushrooms were supposed to unlock repressed of forgotten memories, especially from childhood. A lot sager than LSD and a lot cheaper than hypno-therapy.  But did these Magic memory Mushrooms actually work?

One of the problems is that unless you have access top a means to confirm your recovered memory, it may be a false one. So in order to be sure it is a valid, corroborated memory you’ll need a person,  a record, a photo or a video to check.

Unless you have a retentive memory, memories are weak and fickle things, and can be re-shaped subconsciously after the event by subsequent events, emotions or people’s testimonies given as fact. Add to the fact that the mushrooms, while unlocking your memories, may be tainting them with their active chemicals and you have a problem.

The first thing to say is that experimenting with mushrooms is really a no-no. Some varieties can only be identified with the aid of a microscope, and some deadly shrooms are very similar in look to edible and/or magic mushrooms.

.Psilocybe mushrooms are the type that can cause hallucinations, or give you the belief that you have uncovered a childhood memory because they contain the psychotropic tryptamines psilocybin and psilocin. 

Make with the Magic Memory Mushrooms Man!

Unlike manufactured psychotropic drugs such as LSD, magic mushrooms have a long history dating back thousands of years as part of religious or spiritual ceremonies.  But the bottom line is that in experiements in the 1970s and 80s, in test conditions, controlled amounts of magic mushrooms failed to produce memories that could be corroborated. Some were blatantly wrong, like someone who believed they had a kid brother who disappeared at age 6 months, proved to be false, and some who fell into the alien abduction camp.

Recent UK study has revealed  that 12 – 15% of people aged 16 or over have tried magic mushrooms.  Mostly rural rather than inner-city. I guess they just don’t travel well.

Oh well, back to the edible and non-hallucigonec varieties- they keep your memories locked away and uncorrupted, and also tase better!

Twins’ Telepathic Link

Twins' Telepathic Link

I had a boss at work who had a twin brother. He told me a tale that during the period of the late nineteen forties,  when people had to do National Service, his brother joined the Royal Air Force.  On a particular day when my boss was at work, and his twin brother overseas, he was at a meeting when he suddenly got a very strong feeling pf panic and dizziness.  He was helped from the meeting, and was gripped by a real panic that his brother had died.  He said that after contacting the RAF base in Egypt, he was told that his brother hadn’t returned after a reconnaisance mission.  However ashortly afterwards, his brother had managed to signal the base that he had crach-landed due to engine failure, but was ok.
He was alter picked up and returned to normal duties.  My boss and his brother got together at Christmas and compared notes on the incident nad my boss’ panic attack. Both occurred at exactly the same time, a few minutes after 10am, and the feelings of dizziness weer due to the fact that the plane was in a tail spin. My boss cannot explain why this occurred and doesn’t believe in ESP or the power of the mind, but was absolutely certain that he had an emotional/noetic link with his brother, that activated in such an abnormal situation.
Twins' Telepathic Link
There are many other examples given by twins. A common one is that twins share the same or very similar dream- and sometimes even communicate with each other within the dream and carry on the conversation the next morning after they have awoken!
There have been a lot of studies done on twins to try to show that there is a mental telepathic  link between them.  Yet in scientific clinical “laboratory” environments, the link cannot be replicated to any great degree. The link seems to be strongest of all between identical (monozygotic) twins, but even there you will be hard pressed to find uncontroverible scientific proof.  Yet if you ask twins, they will almost always have one or more stories to illustrate their shared telepathic link. What is telepathy? It’s the linking of ideas, thoughts, pictures, conversations, emotions and signals without using sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. It is an extra sensory perception. It seems that the power that twins have cannot be controlled or ordered. It occurs as and when, usually triggered by events that have cause emotional trauma in one of them.
Twins' Telepathic Link

Research and tests involving twins seems to have tailed off in recent years, perhaps because of the disappointment in getting results in test conditions. But this phenomenon happens and happenes quite regularly, and with almost all twins. I hope that more sophisticated equipment can be developed that will be able to reveal and isolate what the ESP link is. That may then uncover a first step towards all of us beginning on a path towards telepathic communication. Now there’s a thought to be shared!

How To Accelerate Your Law Of Attraction Powers With Subliminal Messages

How To Accelerate Your Law Of Attraction Powers With Subliminal MessagesThe law of attraction states that anything that we think about and focus on in our minds we draw into our lives. The law of attraction tries to show you how to take control of your thoughts, to focus on them in a positive way, to attract positive things into your life.

Can you imagine being able to focus on something and have it come true, to have something manifest into your life just by changing your thoughts – well this is the basic principle of the law of attraction – whether it is money, physical items, success in business or personal goals, or even attracting a romantic partner into your life.

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TopSeven Things You Did Not Realize Regarding Subliminal Learning

TopSeven Things You Did Not Realize Regarding Subliminal Learning

Subliminal messages are everywhere, they are often shrouded in mystery, even controversy – here are some truths and 7 things you didn’t know:

  • It is not just Tony Robbins who is advising of the power of subliminal messages, but other famous personalities such as Tiger Woods, and Stephen Speilberg have admitted to using it.
  • Reading some websites you might be led to believe it is illegal. This is innaccurate, it is not illegal, the only instance it is banned within is for use within advertising as here the intention would be to manipulate. It is completely legal to use for personal reasons – such as learning or improving confidence for example.
  • Top brand names such as Coca Cola, & McDonald’s have been accused of utilizing subliminal communications within their marketing and advertising. Coca cola for making use of subliminal photos of nude females within their branding, and McDonald’s for displaying an advertisement for just one frame on the “Food Network” TV station as well as additional accusations).
  • Throughout his election campaigns and speeches George Bush appeared to be utilizing numerous subliminal techniques. This ranged from the use of subliminal audio as well as subliminal “triggers” to inserting subliminal messages directly into promotional videos.
  • The “tachistoscope” was prompted and created on the back of a lot of the first groundwork into subliminal perception . This is a military tool employed to teach soldiers to recognize enemy airplanes, and has since been used to help the progression of speed reading ability.It works just like some subliminal image / movie programs in that it displays photos and words for less than 1/10th of a second.
  • It is not instant – regardless of what is shown in Television shows like “Friends” it does not produce a sudden or dramtic outcome like this.
  • Professional hypnotherapists as well as neuro linguistic programming practitioners are actually starting to accept subliminals identify subliminal messaging as a practical and positive type of personal improvement, even well known hypnotherapists including Paul McKenna now offer subliminal upgrades to their hypnosis albums.

If perhaps you want to try subliminal audio for yourself then you do not need pricey albums from hypnotherapists. It’s a quite simple form of personal development. Click here to download 3 albums (worth $44.91) for FREE:

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Whatever your goal is subliminal messaging can help you – from weight loss to confidence, and this is just the beginning – you can achieve an advantage in practically any area with the help of subliminal messages!