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The Law Of Attraction Works For Me

I am writing this because I believe in Noetic Science, and a big part of this believe for me is that the Law of Attraction works. Does the law of attraction work for you yet? If not,when do you think it will start working for you? These are the standard questions and the answers depend entirely on you:
The Law Of Attraction will start working only once you have build up your belief system to eliminate any doubt in yourself and the law.

People use the law of attraction for many different reasons. Personally, I have used the law of attraction to gain financially. Eventually I would like to gain financial freedom. As a father of three, finances can be tough and not having been blessed with a wealthy family backbone, things can be a little difficult sometimes.

Growing up in Germany, I have been “programmed” to believe that “the rich” are different from us and so whatever my wealthy friends had as a child it was completely natural to me that I didn’t have it. It didn’t even hurt me or make me said. This is who I was: A Havenot. Now I am not saying that I had an unfortunate childhood. Quite the contrary, I had a lot of fun having nothing, but the law of attraction works that way too and that believe wasn’t a good start for an adult life.  I was so sure that I was not going to have anything “rich” people have, that I was having no expectation that anything “rich” was coming to me.

In my environment it was typical to believe that who’s rich in financial terms will not be rich in emotional terms and who’s rich in emotional terms will not be in financial terms. Funny enough I found my life partner early in life and I am still happily married after 17 years. The theory seemed to make sense at the time, but I didn’t want to be limited to a happy love life without some financial “dressings”.

I am afraid that the way I was programmed as a child, many children are being programmed. Parents set the expectations for their children low, i.e. the expectation is to have nothing or struggle to have a little.

Many don’t realize how wrong this is. Of course it’s great when a child understands the value of things, think about how John D Rockefeller taught his children that ” Willful Waste makes Woeful Want”. That’s great, but eliminating or reducing expectations is simply wrong.

For me the “reprogramming” started at about 20 years of age after reading Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal AchievementThe Law Of Attraction Works For Me
It has been a long process since then and I still struggle and slip back into old thinking patterns once in a while.

The law of attraction started to make sense to me after hearing about the Matthew Effect, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Learn that when you stop wanting something so bad then it’ll come. But you can’t pretend, it has to be natural. For me it has been baby steps all the way.

Something I wanted for my family was an annual summer holiday. I never once had a been on a family holiday as a child, so this was important to me. I finally learned to  stop worrying about how to finance it and it stopped being a problem and I have been going on holidays for 15 years. I expected it to happen an left it alone. That’s all.

If you stop worrying about something, the problem will solve itself. Make no mistake, if you pretend not to worry, it’ll not work. So it may take years for the law of attraction to work the way you expect it to and in order for it to work better and better, you need to have little successes on the way. Stop worrying about something, simply expect it to come your away. Make sure you choose something you desire or simply something you need.
The Law Of Attraction Works For Me
Me(left) and my brother in the early 70’s

4 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction Works For Me

  1. Jimbo33

    I have recently noticed that if I want someone to call me, if I think about the call, place the person in my mind and visualize the call occurring, within seconds (less than 20) the person will call me. This works best with women for some reason. I am also a practitioner of NLP for over 25 years and I relate my rapport-building techniques (esp. following-leading).

    When I first got started, NLP was considered fringy and pseudo-science, but in the last 8 years there have been concrete scientific experiments which have proven the validity and reliability of NLP claims and techniques. It has especially shown its value in mediation and negotiation, which is my particular area currently.

    Within a relationship there are other NLP techniques which have helped me over the years in developing deep emotional ties,such as anchoring and emplacement of triggers. Many have attacked these practices, labeling them as “manipulation,” which I will not deny, but I believe there are good and bad manipulations.

    When my daughter comes into the family room and sits beside me and spends time talking to me and then asking me for a favor, I know what she’s up to from the very beginning.
    She was “buttered me up” to get what she wanted. When everybody wins, a manipulation is a good thing. I have always been careful to use these powers judiciously, because, the first time I don’t and it blows up in my face, I have destroyed all I had sought to build. I know you, who have been opened up, understand everything I am telling you at an unconscious level.

  2. Medha

    I liked it very much. i am very new to this science but very much interested to know about it.

  3. Medha

    Would really like to know much about it. Any suggested books or articles?

  4. Josh

    I am new to the law of attraction and simply don’t get it.

    The author suggests,”If you stop worrying about something, the problem will solve itself.” I equate worrying about a problem with thinking about a problem. Jimbo 33 refers to directly thinking of people so they will call him. I am confused. Do i want to about what i want to attract or not think about what I want to attract?

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