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Numerology – The Magic Of Numbers

Number is the ruler of forms and ideas and is the cause of gods and demons” Phytagorus

There is good enough reasons why so many people are fascinated by numbers, the science of Numerology. It is know that the phycisist Isaac Newton studied all the numbers in the old testament of the Bible to discover at what date the world would come to an end. However absurd this may sound, there are plenty of intriguing examples where numbers seem to make perfect sense.

Numerology - The Magic Of Numbers

Billy Holiday

Billie Holliday’s name added up to the number 40. Billy Holliday’s key number is 4. Throughout her life,  Billy displayed any of the negative characteristics assigned to the number four. Bouts of rage, exhiliration alternating with deep depression. 4’s are also hard working, which is what got her so far in her carreer as a singer. Her personal life was difficult.

Numerology - The Magic Of Numbers

Joseph Stalin

His name adds up to the number 1, the number of egotism. Stalin alone, and his given Nickname “Uncle Joseph, both add up to number 8, which suggests worldly power and success.

President Ceausescu of Romania adds up to 8 too. It also indicates an abrupt fall from power.

Hitlers name adds up to 2, which is the number of evil, fundamentally the number of the Devil. If one analyses the name “the Fuhrer” then the number 5 pops up frequently and this suggests mental instability and arrogance of psychopathic proportions. Adolf Hitler ads up to the number 7, the number of occult gifts.


91 101 (twin tower attacks) + 31 011 (japan tsunami) = 122 112 ( end of the world click here)

The number 13 (THIRTEEN)
3 2- 19=13

23 8 15 = 2×3=6-8=-2+15=13
W H O (World Health Organization)

3 14 14 =3+1+4+1+4=13

14 12 1 =14-2=12+1=13

21 19 1 = 2×1=2+1=3+9=12+1=13

3 9 1=3+9+1=13
C I A (Central Intelligence Agency )

4 8 19=4×8=32-19=13
DH S (Department of Human Services)

6 5 13 1 = 6-5=1+13=14-1=13
FE M A (Federal Emergency Management Association)

5 16 1 = 5+1=6+6=12+1=13
E P A (Environmental Protection Agency)

6 2 9= 6- 2=4+9=13

13 9 F = 1+3=4+9=13F F=Freemason
M I 6 (British Intelligence) This one is freemason reverse

10 7 2 This one was extremely smart. From back to front. = 2×7=14-01=13
K G B (Russian Secret Intelligence)

14 1 6 20 1 This one is reversed also. = 1×20=20+6=26+1=27-14=13
N A F T A (North American Free Trade Agreement)

14 1 20 15 = 14-1=13-20=negative 7-1=negative 8-5=negative 13 ?
N A T O (North Atlantic Treaties Organization)

20 2 14 =20-2=18-1=17=4=13
T B N (Trinity Broadcasting Network)

14 6 12 12 =6=18-4=14-1=13

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