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What Is Making People Ill? New Andreas Moritz Interview

Andreas Moritz talks about his book Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival MechanismWhat Is Making People Ill? New Andreas Moritz Interview
, he talks about Dualism, positive thinking, the universe, quantum physics, death and how he himself died 3 times in his life. This is a MUST SEE!

2 thoughts on “What Is Making People Ill? New Andreas Moritz Interview

  1. Emma

    Society makes me ill, I have had a mystery illness for almost 8 years and I agree with Mr Moritz as it is survival. I have bad spells when things are not right or even if they are going ok. I have kept notes and realised this often occurs when I am not on the right track or I am ignoring something subconsciously and as a result I end up in hospital.

  2. ann mungal

    I just viewed your video and I must say ,I’ m totally blown
    I am a cancer survivor and after all I’ve been through with traditional treatments I am convinced that this is not the way.During chemotherapy I experienced the worst nightmares, I experienced the ‘death fight’ and exactly what you described about the breathing,panic attacks etc., and later the presence of cancer cells in pleural effusions –
    My doctors wanted to do chemo again but I refused- instead I
    took matters into my own hands.
    I keep my body alkaline through my diet ; oxygenated through pranayama;stress free by dancing and gardening. I sometimes paint but I believe that the main things that are
    helping me are faith and positive thinking -through prayer
    and meditation (my own simple form) I am now cancer free ‘
    back to my energetic self. All fear has gone- I am the master of my body now.
    I never held on to what I lost. Instead,this cancer experience has certainly opened doors for me . My entire
    perspective on life, my relationship with others, my self-concept have all changed – for the better of course.
    I was so excited when I encountered your video- there’s so much truth in what you said- I live it. (by the way I stumbled on this while looking up Noetic science after
    reading Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’.
    O you said you interviewed persons about their personalities
    before they got cancer? I was exactly like that – low self esteem, easily offended and totally stressed out because of my job -I retired and finally am enjoying life.

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