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21 December 2012:End of the World?

21 December 2012:End of the World?

There are many rumours, myths and fabrications being pedalled about the end of the world coming in just over a year. The bandwagon appears to be jumped on by almost anyone who can make a tenuous connection with the date in question- 21 December 2012

Some claim that it’s Armageddon Day. However there is nothing in the bible that links Armageddon to any particular date, let alone 21 December 2012 It predicts a sequence of disasters that will lead up to Armageddon. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, let’s see where that date came from?


21 December 2012:End of the World?


It’s also claimed that the 11and a half year solar flare cycle will peak in December 2012 causing solar flares that can knock out power grids around the world. Solar flares range from “nanoflares” to “X-class flares” and are very energetic events. But while the largest flares may generate enough energy for 100 billion atomic explosions, they occur low in the low Sun’s corona, right near the solar surface. That’s nearly 100 million miles away. The Earth is nowhere close enough to be affected.


Of more interest, the Sun, Earth, and Milky Way galaxy will align at the galactic equator, on 21 December 2012, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the end of the Mayan calendar. This event only happens every once every 25,800 years! Scientists say that that for the first time in recorded history, our entire solar system will move below the Milky Way galaxy. Some cultists, commentators and gurus claim that this will herald the end of the world. Goodbye to 7 billion people and millions of years of evolution.

21 December 2012:End of the World?

The Mayan Long Count calendar has lasted for five thousand one hundred and twenty five years, and although the end of the calendar leads to many different interpretations, one of the most popular is the belief that at the end of this cycle the world (or humanity’s existence) will come to an abrupt end on 21December 2012.  The current calendar cycle, or baktun, began on August 13th, 3114 B.C. This marked the end of the last period and the beginning of the current one. The baktun that we are currently living in is the thirteenth, and the end of this cycle is one that has been considered to have a large level of importance to the Mayan people, which is why so many people have come to the conclusion that this cycle’s end is one that will mean the end of the world as we know it.

21 December 2012:End of the World?

The Sumerians, Babylonians and the Mayans were well-known for their astronomical predictions, and some people have seized upon this to say that there will be an astronomical incident from the return of the planet Nibiru, or Planet X. This planet was believed to be the home world of a superior race of beings, the Anunnaki who taught the ancient Sumerians many innovations and gave civilization a kick start. Allegedly the planet caused a great flood in 11000 BC for which there is some evidence. By returning to our solar system, Planet X will cause the solar flares to be much more powerful, and cause disruptions across our solar system which could cause the asteroid belt to come out of its gravitational orbit, and send asteroids flying everywhere at random- some inevitably hitting Earth.

So we have a mixture of ancient decoded texts, unsubstantiated extrapolations and predictions, and some scientific facts. A heady brew to be sure. One thing is for certain, it’s worth putting a note in your next year’s diary and calendar to red letter the 21st of December. It’s up to you whether you leave everything after that blank…

21 December 2012:End of the World?

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8 thoughts on “21 December 2012:End of the World?

  1. manoj parasa

    is it true
    i am very much intrested about it

  2. marinela

    we are just ,search for explinations ,but the truth about this is know by only few people in this crazy world…
    i just FILL,that samething major will hapend …i relly dont know wath , but in my humble opinia ,will be ,a sprituall transformation not a material one!!!???
    maybe we will be able to unbloke the ancient knollege ,wath we all have them in oure brains ????

  3. edward

    I also belive this is the great transition to our real forms meant by GOD when they say we were created in his image,I do belive that it is not the end but the begining of our second life. Our minds and our body are really two seperate beings,GOD is the mind and JESUS is the HEART! So with that all I can say is this thank GOD this system is coming to an end,I was getting tired of all the EVIL in the world now.

  4. Emily

    Well, this is really the small piece of the big cake, many things are hidden, something is going to happen, i believe it’s not going to be fantastic.
    The thing is, try to search on google or any other search engine about the end of the world, freemasons, the new world’s order or whatever they call it, you will be disappointed by the same thing said again and again, many mysteries here and there, i believe that they shall not be solved by reading what’s on the internet. what’s going to happen my friends, in a year or millions, or so, is planned many years ago, i don’t want to go any further as my knowledge about this isn’t enough to discuss about it.

  5. lstith

    i was dade for 8 min and i never tilled any one about what i see not evan my mom every buddy think the world is going to end in 2012 hahaha is not gonig to bout the human rays will end bout not in 2012 don’t be full what u here how long when jesus when he got killed about say 5000 years or more and ur calender what ever it is no matter how smort or intlgint u can bee u will never figure out yes the solar system @ will line up the only thing at will chang is the wither rine and mor rine for a week dont be full and take it form dad man

  6. alexander the fourth

    i don’t know why every one is scared about the world is going to end he where is ur faith in god

  7. hawat

    don’t let the rach pople play with ur mind and ur live be smart and think don’t spand ur mony @ any thing pay candle and water is goning to be dark for 2 days

  8. Anusha

    ummm…you know..lets expect anything..it could be something fantastic or a disaster ..but let’s not worry about it and waste the time we have at present..Live this moment at hand and everything else will turn out fine..life is about living NOW and not about wondering whether the earth will end or not…If it has to then let it..atleast, let us be satisfied we did not waste our life and lets be happy we lived every moment…

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