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Adolf Hitler: False Prophet? Satanist? Or just Mad n Bad?

Adolf Hitler: False Prophet? Satanist? Or just Mad n Bad?

Incredibly, over 70 years since the Second World War, and while there have been countless other major conflicts,  we still seem to be obsessed with that war, the Swastika, and Adolf Hitler. The History TV channels seem to be sponsored by those who want to re-cycle WW2 footage and re-plough furrows in the same tired land of the Nazi Party, Hitler’s Generals, Genocide of the Jews, and Hitler’s association with the Occult.

So is there any truth to the rumours that Hitler was the anti-Christ? Spawn of Satan or just an amateur dabbler in mysticism and Nordic folklore?

Well, those who want to be convinced will be, and those who won’t will never be. Just like whether you believe the Bible to be a ripping good yarn or the Word of God… But here’s some “facts” to play with in your deliberations:

In 1904, when Hitler was 15 years of age, he was with a friend, August Kubizek, when suddenly, he grabbed Kubizek’s hands and held them extremely tight. It is said that his eyes turned feverish and he began to speak in a voice that was loud, hoarse, and raucous. Kubizek felt that some strange being had seized control of Adolf, and was inhabiting his body. Hitler began to speak eloquently about a Mandate to rule Germany.  Was Hitler speaking in tongues? No… his friend could understand him. Was he possessed?  Following this, the young Adolf  spent a lot of time in public libraries, reading about Ancient Rome, Eastern Religions, Yoga, Occultism, Hypnotism, and Astrology.  Hitler also became infatuated  with stories of Pan-Germanic mysticism, old Nordic legends, and of a people who substituted the Swastika for the Christian Cross, and who participated in Black Magic rituals involving sexual perversions.  It is about this point in Hitler’s life that people said that his eyes changes to a very pale light blue colour. Occultists say this is a sure sign of demonic possession.

Adolf Hitler: False Prophet? Satanist? Or just Mad n Bad?

There are references to Hitler being a member of a 99 Lodge of satanists, and some of his confidants and associates were members of the Thule Order, led or rather subverted by a group of Tibetan black magicians. Hitler also said on one occasion:

“I will crush Christianity under my boot like a poisonous toad.”

Was he truly an instrument of darkness or just a mad and bad Austrian tramp who got lucky?  If you want to judge evil and satanism by death toll, then Stalin should have been the anti-Christ, by killing around 40 million of his own people. There have also been dictators since WW2 who have committed genocide, yet satanism doesn’t seem to attach to them.  One could argue that the Taliban, for all their claimed religious fanaticism, are under the control of a dark God.

Adolf Hitler: False Prophet? Satanist? Or just Mad n Bad?

But returning to Hitler, you’ll have to make up your own minds. I just wonder whether 1939-45 was the true apocalypse. If it was, and the forces of light defeated Hitler as Satan, and his minions, then why is the world so full of bad stuff today? It was a pyrrhic victory…

3 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler: False Prophet? Satanist? Or just Mad n Bad?

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  3. Mark

    The media is anti-Hitler because the media is just all about being super factual right? But it’s not anti-Stalin really – no the killer of 50 million Christians gets a free pass. Matter fact he invaded Poland too and no one declared war on him for it – why is that?

    In the 1940s the citizens of America wanted nothing to do with World War 2 but FDR saw to it that we did. Roosevelt’s own son-in-law claims he deliberately avoided peace at all costs. He teamed up with communist mass murderer Josef Stalin and imperialist ruler of the world Great Britain. Same country who set fire to Washington DC in 1812 because we wouldn’t renew their central bank.

    But we had to stop Hitler from taking over the world? From who? “The sun never sets on the empire” Great Britain? Author of not one but two Opium Wars? The country that starved a million German people to death after World War 1 was completely over – when Germany was helpless because they already laid down their arms believing Wilson’s 14 points?

    In reality Germany was an economic competitor. And all on their own – not making their money off a bunch of colonies. Hitler wasn’t playing ball with the “world” read British financial system. No foreign controlled central bank. Exchanged goods and services without using money – British banker controlled money. That couldn’t have been the problem right?

    So while Roosevelt couldn’t pull us out of the the Great Depression, Hitler took a country that had people buying bread with shopping carts full of worthless paper and turned it into an industrial powerhouse. He didn’t deliberately starve 7 million Ukranian farmers to death like his neighbor Josef Stalin – our ally. But he had anti-Jewish laws? So what, America had anti-Black laws.

    Why doesn’t the History channel talk about the issues with Poland that led to Germany’s 1939 attack? Like the Potacki papers? Or how about Tyler Kent? Or how about even that Poland was literally invented at the end of World War 1 mostly out of German territory and that what Hitler was trying to negotiate was passage to East Germany that was completely blocked by this artificially created country.

    And that sneaky FDR was right in the middle of it telling the Poles not to work things out with Germany peacefully, that he would back them up. And what fools they were cause FDR and Churchill never lifted a finger to help the Poles. They just let their ally Josef Stalin and Hitler walk all over them. And left them to communist slavery after the war. While Stalin murdered every last one of the Polish military brass in the Katyn Forest Massacre.

    Winston Churchill was a liar. FDR was a liar. Lenin – a liar. Trotsky – liar. Josef Stalin was not just a liar – he was a bank robber. Right – “Uncle Joe” got his start robbing banks! And Communist Slavery was financed by the richest people in the world – same folks who created the Federal Reserve. But Hitler – wow he really was the worst person in the world. For sure. History Channel says so right?

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