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African Shaman Performs Leviation

There are other paranormal phenomena, even documented in the Bible, which defy gravity. This video features an african shaman, who we can see preparing and performing a levitation. And it doesn’t look like the usual trickery…

5 thoughts on “African Shaman Performs Leviation

  1. Keli

    Love to think that someone could do that, I find it really really hard to think that could ever happen, I should say I’m on the fence for most things, but this, I’m sorry to say string and ropes come to mind, why was he swinging and why did the camera guy didn’t film the back of him!!! If something can be real, then why do they feel the need for tricks and fooling, there would be no question, but there always is, that’s why I’m on the fence!!!! From someone that finds this interesting.

  2. hmm

    for someone who supposedly can levitate himself he’s got an awful lot of trouble keeping his balance…

  3. peter robinson

    shouldn’t it spell levitation?

  4. Norm

    I have come across a mantra in Indonesia that people say will do the same thing. I have not got a round to trying it yet but will keep you posted.

  5. admin

    Thanks for pointing this out, just noticed :-)))

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