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Andreas Moritz – Telling Timeless Secrets

Timeless Secrets of Health And Rejuvenation

5 years ago at the age of 36 I have experienced some serious health problems. At first I thought it was fairly simple and going to go away, but after a few visits to the doctor I realized that the medicines I have been prescribed may have made me feel better initially, but they have not addressed the underlying reasons and the problems continued.

I came to realize that much of today’s modern textbook medicine only addresses the symptoms, not the causes. This even made me believe some of the conspiracy theories that modern medicine is controlled by governments and pharmceutical companies, designed to keep us ill.
Eventually, a friend recommended to me that I read this book by Andreas Moritz, Timeless Secrets of Health and RejuvenationAndreas Moritz - Telling Timeless Secrets
Andreas Moritz is a controversial personality in the world of healing. I have read this massive book in less then a few days and tried his ideas and suggestions. Today I know this book has turned my life around. I have no more symptoms.
Below is a reader review I though was an accurate description of the book.

A readers review:

(taken from Amazon.com)

Imagine your self suffering from back pains, Migraines (since early teens), digestive problems, acid reflux, over weight, allergies to a wide variety of foods and environments, and then on your 50th birth day your doctor says – “you have a mild form of Arthritis, nothing serious this prescription will control your pain”. The thought of adding yet one more pharmaceutical drug to the already large list propelled me to seek answers elsewhere…

There are many approaches to alternative treatment/well being and in my opinion there is no holy grail or a quick silver bullet, however if you make a commitment to get better and are willing to exercise some discipline then I think Timeless Secrets Of Health & Rejuvenation will not only pave the way for a full recovery but in the process will bring you closer to understanding yourself.

The author’s thesis is that the body – your physical state is designed to function and serve you well, it wants to continue to serve you well as per its design. Rather than assist our body to excel in its raison d’etre we often (through lack of knowledge) challenge it with use of harsh and harmful modern pharmaceutical drugs and our life style. Modern work ethic often insists on a quick fix of symptoms.
The book is packed with tons and tons of very useful information at all levels about gaining insight and knowledge about your physical state. The author combines his great insights into Ayurvedic Medicine with modern medicine to come up with a comprehensive text on health and wellbeing.

Whether you are a well individual looking for answers to health issues of your loved ones or an individual with a list of Chronic ailments such as Diabetes, Cystitis, Backache, Migraines, Constipation etc This book will not only set you on a path to recovery but also explains and enlighten you on the underlying causes of the ailment.

You may want to know what is good water and how much of it to drink per day. Honey can be used to treat wounds, Broccoli has Anti-Cancer properties, Celery is better than Viagra and much more on the amazing food & herb cures.
What is a splendid and healthy meal for one individual can be very upsetting for another equally healthy individually. The book explains why this is the case and goes much further – it shows you how to design a diet specific to you and your body needs.

If you want to learn about “modern” methods of cleansing your intestines using Colema Boards or Colonic Irrigation or gain knowledge about your Body Type using the 6000 yr old Ayurvedic System or learn something about today’s Medical practices it is all there in this one text.

A common thread in all of Andreas’s work is that Mind, Body and Spirit can not be viewed independently. They are all interrelated and one influences the other. Hence healing becomes a journey in which you get to understand your physical state through cleansing of vital organs such as Kidneys, Liver and Colon and simultaneously attending to your emotional and spiritual needs thro Meditation and Life Style changes & Diet. The book is a manual on how to achieve all this and more.

I no longer suffer from any of the ailments mentioned in the first paragraph. This book could truly change your life – it did mine!

Connect with Andreas via his Facebook page: Andreas Moritz

6 thoughts on “Andreas Moritz – Telling Timeless Secrets

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  3. Jacob Peters

    Thanks again, I echo the previous praise.

  4. Stephany Frilling

    i love alternative treatments because it is simple and does not have nasty side effects ;-.

  5. Sophie Maven

    I happen to be an “alternative” healer, and I use my brain to connect to the healing energy that does the healing.

    I read a few days ago about a group healing: the patient had back pain, and at the end of the group treatment he was in so much pain that he could not get up from the massage table.

    What happened? All (most?) of the “healers” in the group were doing what THEY thought was the correction of the problem they perceived, and it caused havoc… just like in western medicine.

    With the limited scope of our perception and conscious mind we are not able to see the whole picture, and therefore we can only do more damage than good…

    That is the only real healing, from the big picture

  6. Bill Boyce

    Quack: Where are the “Studies”/proof/evidence?? Where is it? Rhetoric is BS.. shoe me the DATA!!!!

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