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Dan Brown Talks About Noetic Science

Dan Brown talks about his ideas about conspiracy theories, secret societies and why he has explored the Freemasons. He speaks about the noetic sciences and why it has taken so long for him to write “The Lost Symbol”.

3 thoughts on “Dan Brown Talks About Noetic Science

  1. Kevin Birss

    Hi Dan,
    I have followed and studied your work. There are some interesting things happening around the world to those that are listening and watching. 8 years ago I began to awaken or have the illusion of awakening. I have been compelled to do some thing which seem to be unusual and some what mystic. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. I do believe there is a shift coming to our world. Part of the message I have relates to the coming together of Terra Celeste Mana.

  2. peter robinson

    Jeova Sanctus Deus is translated as Jeova Holy God – not Jeova One God as in your book “The Lost Symbol”. This impinges on the provenance of Isaacus Neutonius… An elementary mistake or an oversight?

  3. John Bayarong

    @peter robinson: The book is fiction. How can Mr. Brown make a mistake?

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