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Everyday More Evidence For The Extra-Terrestrial

Everyday More Evidence For The Extra-Terrestrial
Once in a while I stumble accross a piece of fascinating news which I like to share here!
I have seen the story on MyWay.com. Click on the link below to read the whole story! In essence it says that to believe now that Earth is the only place harboring life is essentially like believing in miracles and Scientists don’t tend to believe in miracles!

taken from myway.com…
Lately, a handful of new discoveries make it seem more likely that we are not alone – that there is life somewhere else in the universe.
In the past several days, scientists have reported there are three times as many stars as they previously thought. Another group of researchers discovered a microbe can live on arsenic, expanding our understanding of how life can thrive under the harshest environments. And earlier this year, astronomers for the first time said they’d found a potentially habitable planet.

“The evidence is just getting stronger and stronger,” said Carl Pilcher, director of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, which studies the origins, evolution and possibilities of life in the universe. “I think anybody looking at this evidence is going to say, ‘There’s got to be life out there.'”

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3 thoughts on “Everyday More Evidence For The Extra-Terrestrial

  1. Nuvilla Perez

    Yo jamas he visto nada, pero estoy absolutamente segura de que no somos los unicos havitantes en el universo, seria una lastima si lo fueramos sin contar con el inmenso despercicio de espacio y todo lo demas. Ademas yo si creo que estamos siendo visitando desde hace muchisimo tiempo.

    Gracias por aceptarme como un miembro mas.

    Nuvilla Perez

  2. kris

    I do also believe there is life elsewhere in the universe, i am not convinced that we’ve come in comtact with it or they in contact with us. I think both are the extremes of arrogant thinking.

  3. sGyHdy

    107558 836051Totally pent topic matter, regards for entropy. 128853

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