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Global Consciousness Predictions – What Is To Come

Personally, I love the Wisdom Of Crowds theories and all things releated to global consciousness theories, in particular the Random Event Generator.But I keep hearing more about the Web Bot project and it starts to get interesting the closer we are getting to 2012.

The Web Bot bases its prediction on internet searches, it taps digitally into the cosmic mind or our collective mind if you prefer the expression. The Web Bot has predicted the Coastal Phenomena, and event thats largely seen as the kick of for the soon to follow 2012 world changing event. Their method captures changes in language patterns within Internet forums. This aggregated data is then processed with software to determine various keywords, which they interpret in a predictive fashion.

Remember the converstation Dan Brown described in “The Lost Symbol”: …”Your house is amazing,” Katherine said.

“Thanks, I got lucky in college and licensed some software I’d written.”

“Metasystems stuff?”

“A precursor to metasystems. Following 9/11, the government was intercepting and crunching enormous data fields-civilian email, cell phone, fax, text, web sites – sniffing for keywords associated associated with terrorist communications. So I wrote a piece of software…

“Essentially, my software let them take America’s temperature.”

…”It offered a kind of cosmic consciousness barometer, if you will…”

(From The Lost Symbol, a conversation of Katherine Solomon and Trish Dunne)

And now the Web Bot project has measured the global temperature and predicts unusual movements of the moon brought on by Anomalies in the magnetosphere could cause sever coastal disruptions. Sea level countries may experience the worst catastrophies.

The Web Bot also forecasted problems in 2009, The Web Bot foresee that the winter in the Northeast will be very cold, causing some schools to close, and then later to reopen as shelters for people who can’t heat their homes. Language suggests that the shortages will be caused by a lack of supplies, cost of fuel, or both.

There is an interesting website if this is interesting to you, click here!

Global Consciousness Predictions - What Is To Come

4 thoughts on “Global Consciousness Predictions – What Is To Come

  1. Dan Stocker

    Instead of jumping into early conclusions what we need is a framework that enables the analysis and comparison of collective conscious entities.

    The Web Bot project, according to Wikipedia missed on a significant percentage on its predictions, and based on its veiled, blurry nature we won’t even know if these hits/misses are justified by its mechanism.

    Even though we don’t have a deeper understanding of the GCP in terms of how the noosphere reaches down to the quantum level, we do know how its measurements are made.

    GCP and other, similarly open entities (Gaia hypothesis, evolved Twitter, etc.) may be fitted in a common framework. The more we know about these entities, the better we can compare them to each other and weigh their behavior, uses and threats.

    I’m working on such a framework which I publish here: http://collectiveweb.wordpress.com/category/global-consciousness/

    I welcome comments, suggestions and collaboration.


  2. Carl


    Just read your article and while it sounds very interesting I would like to know how “the global conscious” (based on aggregated search data) can predict the future in any long term form. While it is very plausible that the aggregated data would be really useful for human influenced trends (playing the stocks and economic events) I doubt the future of non human events can be predicted by what people are taking about and searching for. What people search for is generally in the now or near future or what they hear about and want to look up themselves. No wonder the searches about 2012 went up after a Hollywood film comes out about 2010! Can you explain how what people are talking and thinking about could for example predict movements in the moon?


  3. admin

    Hi Carl
    thanks for your comments. I don’t have the answers, I don’t think anyone has. Everything changes and often we don’t know why things change and its not always as obvious as you describe. We’re only certain of that things do change. Whether all this is wishful thinking or reality is up to every individual. It’s real to me.
    Best regards

  4. Orlan

    I think Hari Seldon would say his psychohistorical equation are a part of Noetic Science. 😉

    Why am I saying this. Both theories are saying that they can predict a GLOBAL gradient of happenings. Imagine our world with a veeeeery big Heisenberg constant, and than try to see what will happen with a thought from the brain, then 1.000.000 brains etc.

    The results from this (again 🙂 veeeeery crude estimation is that the whole world would have to thing the same thought in order that the exponential probability function has some influence at the object 100m away. And they should be together at one big square.

    And I assume, if we ever decide to gather in order to “change something with a thought” that would not be a stock report, but rather the answer to the important questions like Is there a god (in quantum mechanic, not theological sense), or more obvious, change the orbit of that bloody asteroid that is going to collide with the Earth.

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