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Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics

Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics

What’s the true secret behind the Law of Attraction? I’m regularly asked. The commonest definition for the Law of Attraction  is that like draws like. Even in the Bible this simple truth is outlined in the Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”
But like attracts like, even though correct, barely explains the way in which the Law of Attraction works.

A few people talk about vibes and frequencies, but what’s the most systematic clarification of the law of attraction? The true secret behind the Law of Attraction hinges on the idea of fact and how much of it we will understand.
Law Of Attraction and Quantum Physics
The unvarnished reality of the universe out there’s so great that our conscious mind can’t handle it in its totality, so it has no option except to filter the reality and let only a miniscule fragment of it in.

What you understand becomes your fact or reality, and what you don’t understand does not even exist in your world or your universe. So after you’ve chosen part of the huge fact of the universe to be understood by you, in effect you attract that part of the universe to you.

That part of  reality of the universe was filtered by you, picked by you, or in effect drawn to you. Now, the most engaging facet of this filtering, that we do consistently, is that these filters only let similar realities pass thru. To offer you an analogy, blue shades would let only blue light to pass thru. This is applicable to all our senses and to our perception generally.
This is the closely-guarded secret behind the Law of Attraction. One who wears green shades is captivating green color, as such. You can see the same mechanism in Quantum Physics. The actuality that state of the universe ( wave function ) offers is stupendously big. The chances are vast, but our measurement devices, which are extensions of our senses, pick only a little part of that fact. In reality they filter the universe to get the part we would like to observe. In other words, we get from the universe, what we ask for. Why? Because when we actually ask for something, we are filtering everything out except the thing we would like to receive.
That is how the universe gets us what we are asking for. That is how we attract from the universe what we really ask.
But what does really ask mean? How should you ask to draw in precisely what you need? Read:  The Secret behind the Secret!

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  19. Michael

    I detest what books like The Secret (and the very book advertised at the bottom of this article) are doing to universal truths. If you are using universal truth with the intent of finding great amounts of money and worldly success, you have a terrible grasp of how the universe works and are abusing its laws. The fact that this stuff is real and provable is exactly why it SHOULDN’T be pushed for materialistic gain. Why don’t people focus on manifesting peace and joy rather than wealth and success? If you seek these things, you are attracting desire and greed and longing. You will not find satisfaction. The Law of Attraction is real, yes, but it is a part of the universe, a stitch in the fabric, a simple truth of reality. Isn’t that enough?

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