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Law Of Attraction Classics – The Secret, the Movie

Law Of Attraction Classics - The Secret, the Movie

The Secret: The Movie.
We all probably already know that Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” is a 2006 film which was conceived as a sort of self-help film using a documentary format to teach the Law of Attraction. It was inspired by Wallace Wattles’ 1910 book, The Science of Getting Rich. On DVD it was the best-selling film on a number of well-known sites, such as Amazon, in March and April 2007.
But have you seen it? What do you think? Why do others think of it differently?
While the pen is undoubtedly mightier than the sword, the silver screen (or perhaps your LCD/Plasma screen at home) might be seen as mightier than the pen in the 21st Century.
The film uses a lot of interviews to make its point. Those interviewed are not all acolytes or masters of the Law of Attraction, but they cover fields as wide and as varied as finance, theology, philosophy, medicine, and, unsurprisingly, personal development.
It’s said that the very Laws of attraction were used in making the film, and so was conceived, financed and shot in ways unconventional when compared to the usual Hollywood merry-go-round of film production.
I’m not going to set out the detail of the film… that’s a secret right?! So you’ve either seen it already or have got to see it, and if you haven’t stop reading this now and come back once you’ve seen it!
A lot of reviewers have said that The Secret has a look to it similar to the film “The Da Vinci Code” starring Tom Hanks, because of the repeated images of candles, wax seals, and quills scratching symbols on parchments.
Those who already espouse the Law say that the film says nothing new to them, but largely welcome that the clever marketing and packaging brought the law to a greater number of people. But to call it “The Secret” when many people are aware of and perhaps also follow the principles of the Law of Attraction seems a little off-target. A number of other practitioners of (for want of better words) the power of positive thought, thought the film concentrated too much on the conscious mind, and not the subconscious/instinctive parts of us, which may yield richer rewards.

To those exposed to the film “cold”, in other words without any prior knowledge of the Law, there seem to have been mainly two camps. Those that “got it” and then went on to undertake more research and adopt some or all of the techniques, and those who didn’t and resolutely refused to buy in whatsoever.
I think one can look it at in the round, regardless of where one stands on the Law, and say that some of the film is a little too “serious” and could lose people because of the overly dramatic presentation of some parts.
But let’s not beat about the bush, this in an important film, and one that should be seen with an open mind. The Secret is offering you information, possibly arcane knowledge, possibly only an attitude change, but how you take its message forward, if at all, is up to you!

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