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Dr. Deepak Chopra believes “there is a realm of reality which goes beyond the physical.” (

Dr. Deepak Chopra, who is well-known for his insights on science and spirituality, says these prayer experiments are proving what he’s been saying all along: There are healing forces in nature that science is only beginning to understand.

“What physicists are saying to us right now,” he says, “is that there is a realm of reality which goes beyond the physical … where in fact we can influence each other from a distance.”

But the final verdict on prayer is still not in, says Dr. Gary Posner, a skeptic of remote healing who says most prayer studies to date have been sloppy and untrustworthy.

“I suspect that 50 years from now people looking back at this genre of prayer research will kind of shake their heads and call it junk science.”

Chance alone, he says, might account for the effect that they thought was due to the prayer.

But Chopra says he is just glad science is taking the belief seriously enough to want to study it.

“At the moment, I would agree that some of these studies are tentative, that we should be cautious in the way we interpret the results,” says Chopra. “But the studies are encouraging enough that we should pursue them, because if we don’t, we may have missed one of the most amazing phenomena in nature.” Copyright ABC News 2001

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