‘Shrooms Prove Previous Lives

'Shrooms Prove Previous Lives

Don’t try this at home! ┬áResearchers have been conducting controlled experiments using volunteers and the fairy-tail red and white mushroom, the Fly Agaric.

Given in small quantities, many of those interviewed experienced memories they had forgotten about, usually associated with their early childhood. Playground incidents, seeing a steam train for the first time, a Christmas unwrapping… Many of those interviewed swore that these were genuine memories unlocked by the ‘shroom.

The next stage of the experiment was to increase the amount of the mushroom given to the volunteers. This had to be undertaken under strict medical supervision because too much Fly Agaric and the mouth and throat could become numb, and close due to anaphalactic shock. A proportion of those who had the higher dose of mushroom reported memories that were not of their childhood, and were not of their existing lives at all. They wrote down what they had “remembered” and were then interviewed by psycho-analysts to test the veracity of their memories. They all appeared to be genuine and not manufactured.

Researchers are preparing a report to publish but have already claimed that the mushroom has unlocked memories of previous existences that were locked and retained in some immortal part of the soul- it could not be the brain because the brain and body dies and rots. However the theory is that like a cloud-based IT application, upon being re-born, your characteristics from previous lives are re-loaded into your body as you develop in the womb. However the memories from previous lives are not normally accessible and are screened out. But the Fly Agaric mushroom stimulates a small part of the brain where these past-life memories are normally concealed.

'Shrooms Prove Previous Lives

Could this be evidence that we are immortal and have lived previous lives? The research is being peer-reviewed before publishing, and a number of volunteers are repeating the experiment to confirm the results.

But don’t try this yourselves. The Fly Agaric is a poisonous mushroom, and this experiment could only be conducted under strictly controlled medical conditions.

'Shrooms Prove Previous Lives

4 thoughts on “‘Shrooms Prove Previous Lives


    I always knew past lives were real. I’m afraid the scientific community will never accept what ever evidence is shown to them. Years ago in my meditation I kept seeing a figure in an alley looking out at the street. Horses and wagons were going by. I kept receiving information more and more over 2-3 years. finally I did a past life regression and found out that person in the alley was me.

  2. Dan Werner

    “Researchers in Boston?” I searched and could find no such researched. While I would love for this to be true, I am very dubious.

  3. paul hannan

    This is insipid. Use this mushroom. If it works for you, cool. Otherwise shut up.

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