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Quote Of The Day from Andreas Moritz

I found this beautiful quote on Andreas’ Facebook : Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz There is no use being concerned about where you are or where the planet is in the ascension process. Enlightenment or ascension to an exalted form of existence is the simple acceptance of each new moment as being perfect, with everything you are, whatever that may be. Ascension can occur on many levels.

Quote Of The Day from Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz – Telling Timeless Secrets

Timeless Secrets of Health And Rejuvenation

5 years ago at the age of 36 I have experienced some serious health problems. At first I thought it was fairly simple and going to go away, but after a few visits to the doctor I realized that the medicines I have been prescribed may have made me feel better initially, but they have not addressed the underlying reasons and the problems continued.

I came to realize that much of today’s modern textbook medicine only addresses the symptoms, not the causes. This even made me believe some of the conspiracy theories that modern medicine is controlled by governments and pharmceutical companies, designed to keep us ill.
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