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Noetic Science – The Cause And Effect Theory

Noetic Science - The Cause And Effect Theory

The principle of cause and effect says that everything is a cause that will cause something
after it, and everything is an effect that is caused by something before it. That’s all there is!

Without cause and effect nothing in the universe would work. It’s un unbreakable law. To succeed in live our lives in full we have to subscribe to it. We have to understand it and live by it.
Everything that is happening to us is some effect to a cause and the way we live is a reflection of our inner condition, our beliefs and our way of thinking. The thought is the most precious energy and are responsible for our circumstances. Not some situations or force we can’t control, but our own way of navigating our lives with thoughts. We often think in such repetitive ways , only to reinforce our personal condition and circumstances instead of thinking our way out of it.

Circumstances can be easily changed through the way of thinking. This principle is not new. Peak performance coaches like Anthony RobbinsNoetic Science - The Cause And Effect Theory build their careers on this principle. If it wouldn’t work a guy like Tony Robbins simply wouldn’t sell out arenas for 20 years.

There are some great ways and techniques how you can make sure you are thinking the right thoughts. Ask yourself at all times “ What is the effect of my present thinking?” Keep your thoughts aligned with your desires.
When your thoughts are not aligned with your desires your body will tell you so by putting you into a negative state, you are “down”. When you are aligned, you feel great. The so called “flip switch” can help you to turn around immediately. When you “down”, force yourself to think pleasant thoughts.

The Secret behind The Secret

How do you know when your thoughts are aligned with your desires, and when they are not? You can tell that, by simply noticing how you feel.

We have a precise monitoring system built into our body. When your thoughts are not aligned with your desire, your body will tell you by giving you a negative emotion; when your thoughts are consistent with your desires, your body will give you a positive emotion. This is why it is so important to keep monitoring your emotion moment by moment. You have the ability to switch into a positive emotional state at any given moment, as
long as you are willing to. The vibrational signal or energy will meet your desires on the same vibrational frequency.

Start monitoring the way you think now! I have been doing this for 20 years and also I still sometimes slip, what I have achieved for myself and my family feels magnificent.

Where do our thoughts go?

Noetic Science - The Cause And Effect Theory

Ernest Holmes, the creator of the Science Of Mind movement has come up with a a very interesting theory. He writes: As we watch the process of thought we find that we may think consciously, and we also find that something happens to our thoughts after we have thought them; for instance, they become memory. This proves that we have a deeper aspect of mind, which is called subjective, lying just below the threshold of the conscious. This subjective mind is the place where our thoughts go and from where they eventually return to us again as memory. Observation proves this to be true; for it always happens this way. Observation has proven that the subjective mind is the seat of memory and that it contains mental pictures, or impressions, of all that has ever happened to the individual. As these mental imressions come to the surface of the conscious mind they are called memories.

Moreover observation has shown that the subjective mind is the builder of the body. It has proven that it is not the only seat of memory; it is although the avenue through which instinctive Man works. We mean by instinctive Man that  part of the individual which came with him when he was born – that inner something which makes him what he is. For instance we do not have to consciously think to make the body function; so we say that the inner, the instinctive, Man, does this for us. This is true of most of the functions of the body; they appear to be automatic; they came with us and are natur’e way of working through us. So we say that in the unconscious or the sub-conscious or the subjective, there is a silent process forecver working away and always doing its duty, carryingon all of the unconscious activities of the body without effort on our part.

Taken from: The Science of MindNoetic Science - The Cause And Effect Theory